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CH.Ekevu od Kremence
Stud dog

Champion of Czech Republic
Club Champion of Czech rhodesian ridgeback club Interchampion expectant
Polish Champion expectant

Golden Sport Dog 2005, 2008 TOP10 RR sport club

Absolut Winner Coursing & Agility 2007, 2008 – Super Master

HD 0/0 • ED 0/0

Complete ophthalmologic examination for hereditary eye diseases - Clear

EKG - Without pathological finding (heart strong and clear)

Thyroid test T4 a TSH OK

Full dentition, Scissors bite
Height 69 cm (27,17 in)
Weight 42 kg (92,59 pounds)
Color Red wheaten

Date of birth April 3rd 2003
Stud dog since May 1st 2005 CKRR – with Mental Test

Typical representative of the breed. Friendly, well-balanced, social, self-assured, contact, fearless, gunshot proof.

Sporting and hunting dog!

CH.Ekevu od Kemence

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Jiri Novak
Dubany 75
530 02 Pardubice
Czech Republic

tel: +420 602 135 088
ICQ: 109368742
e-mail: jirka@ekevu.com


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Our mutual life with Rhodesian Ridgeback Kevin. How we spend our free time, what we do together and how Kevin come to us...

pátek 24.2.2006

Everything what do you want to know about Kevin...

Everything what do you want to know about kevin...


Choosing right dog is not easy thing. We have studied lots of literature, talked to lots of different breed owners, but when we have seen Rhodesian ridgeback for the first time, decision has been almost made. When we have visited ridgebacks meeting in Lukova (CR) in year 2002 and talked to few people about their dogs, things become more clear - It is going to be a Ridgeback. This breed has amazed both of us very much. It was not just their beautiful sport looking appearance, shape of hunter and beautiful look of their eyes, but mainly their temperament – elate, conscious but still devoted to his owner.

Kevin knows witchcraft incredible scale of different looks; he possibly can conjure with his eyes


Our Ridgeback was born on April 4th 2003 in Breeding station od Kremence - Mother: Aris z Lukovskeho dvora and father Delel Rodyry. He was possibly determine to us by destiny - my birthday is the same day :-) He was first puppy born in that litter and breeder named him Ekevu – African name, which means something like "intelligent". But no one will call him with other name that Kevin...

Ekevu od Kremence - I am in this world for two weeks I have to taste everything I see


Kevin was with his breeder until 8 weeks of age. Until that time we have been visiting him every week as he can get use to us as much as possible. We gave him old t-shirt and a toy as we can take it with him to his new home afterwards so he can still have smell of his mother and litter mates even when he is split up from them. Between his siblings he was exceeding especially with eating - he was definitely biggest eater. Sometimes breeder had to take him from mother or bowl as other litter mates can eat too. Since he was little baby, he was very use to human company and children and he was also well socialized to other dogs, because breeder had two other adult ridgebacks except his mother.

5 weeks - sometimes I still need little help 6 weeks - recognizing world around me - alone


When we took Kevin from the breeder he was maybe thinking that it is only short trip. He was crying a little bit - especially in the evening, but after while he found our place nice and got use to it. We lived in the city center so we took walks to near park where he have met lots of new friends, which Kevin liked very much of course. Living in the city center has advantage of good socializing and since then Kevin feels great in the big human company.

By the end of year 2003 we have moved to new house with great garden. Kevin did not like that place in the beginning and followed us like a shadow anywhere we moved. He got use to the new place in few days and for now I believe that he would not change this new home for anything else. There are big grass fields around and lots of places to go. It is better than city for sure.

And what about his puppy childhood? Of course Kevin was the most beautiful and best puppy in the world - at least for us ... :-)

We need to practice stack little bit more ... I mostly love to fight - for example for camera


We started visiting lessons with Kevin in three month of age. Kevin liked it very much in beginning and even now, while we are approaching by car to his lessons place, he starts to cheerfully whimper, pushing me with his nose and wants me to speed up :-) Kevin likes car riding from a baby time, but sometime he likes it that much that he does not want to get out. On lessons we did not do only education and obedience, but we went with other dogs to railway station, to the city and went to mass transport. Due to this versatile training Kevin should not be surprised by any situation. Kevin does not like rain, but he loves to swim in river or lake. When he was little boy, he jumped into the water without thinking, he just loved it. Now he is more careful, but he still loves water.

Since puppy age we try socialize Kevin as much as possible - not only with dogs, but mainly with people. This is main reason of our trips with other dogs, to different competitions which are coursing, shows and others.

On the lessons I am in my field I love to play with other dogs :o)


Because Kevin was very teachable, we have decided pretty early that we try something more than basic obedience training. Because unbelievable complaisant approach of our friends we had chance to train Kevin in the woods for his hunting tests. It was basic hunting trial (BZ) which Kevin did twice and both times he was evaluated with the 1st rate! During training and test Kevin was very attentive and his work and interest to his track was praised even by experienced judges. In the fall 2005 Kevin was one of three dogs of our county nominated to hunting competition "Pardubice area major Memorial", where we and our team attached valuable 1st price and traveling challenge cup. Kevin for the first time meet with live wild-boar in 2006 and successfully realize another hunting examination BzH (Field tracking practice of hunting dog) with rating: very good prepared dog. We preparing Kevin for another hunting exam in 2007...

In the spring 2005 Kevin compiled sport test ZOP (Dog obedience test) and ZZO (Basic dog control test), both with highest rating "excellent". We have finished on beautiful 5th place on ZOP competition. Fall 2005 meant for us finishing of examine of attendant dog (BH-SchH). We have finished with great result 95 points out of 100 of possible maximum. In autumn 2006 Kevin sucessfully fulfil obedience test ZPU1 with optional proof human tracking. We preparing Kevin for another obedience and sport test in 2007. Please cross your fingers for us...

Kevin win title Golden Sport Dog Trophy 2005 due great achievents during hunting exams and perfects presetantion on cynology sports events in 2005.

Sport trainig - Kevin is happy to do bird dogging... Hunting training - tracking in the woods


In the beginning we did not want to go to dog shows - we did not have that ambition. We went to our first show to make Kevin's breeder happy :o) Kevin finished 2nd in the puppy class on his first show, which judged Mr. Richard van Aken (long time breeder from South Africa). He has even won his class on next show and finished as a 3rd best young dog of the show so we have decided to try our luck in the show ring too... Judges liked Kevin, so we have finished Czech champion and Club Champion of Czech Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and Kevin is expectant of Interchampion and Polish Champion...

In the show section you will be informed how is Kevin doing in the ring.

We are happy when Kevin is doing great in the ring, but we do not despair if not, we don't have him as a showing machine


Kevin likes to race. He likes to win without any doubt. Coursing (hunting artificial plastic "rabbit") offering to us because runnig is Kevin's most favorite activity. He also likes to get over barriers so we sometimes try agility too. We do not avoid other sports as well. In winter we have tried canicross and we will be happy to try some new sports in the future

Kevin on the coursing race Agility is funny running and jumping ... :o)


We and Kevin are training, working, competing and showing, but it is still only bonus for us. It is something what allow us to spend time with Kevin way we all like. Does not matter if we have success or not, Kevin is for us especially brilliant partner, darling and family member...

We love his temperament, we love his pride, personality and joy in working and training, but also in free time. We love when he is delightful relaxing on the sun, we love his beautiful and fluent movement when he is following decoy, when he plays or swim.... We are so happy to have him. Thanks for everything you gave us Kevin!

Ch. Ekevu od Kremence - our Kevin